Świnoujście, 15-27 VIII 2016

Artists admitted to FAMA festival will be invited to participate in particular sections, where they will have the opportunity to perfect their skills under the supervision of renowned professionals. They will also have a chance to present their original works and contribute to premiere projects.

MUSIC: CLASSICAL, JAZZ, FOLK, ELECTRONIC, ELECTROACOUSTIC, EXPERIMENTAL, IMPROVISATIONAL – Summer school of the ablest young musician. The participants of the section will be presented on the stages of the festival and will have daily classes aimed at improving their skills and preparing a final concert.

BANDS – The strong points of the FAMA festival were always concerts of the best young bands, representatives of all the genres. Having learnt the lesson of experience, we know that the bands visiting Świnoujście quickly advance to the top positions of the Polish music scene. All the bands taking part in the Festival, will perform on the outdoor and club stages, as well as improve their technique during the daily consultations.

SINGERS – A cycle of daily classes, based on an individual program. The basic method of work will be an individual approach to every student and a selection of the most appropriate material for each of them. The participants will present themselves in individual presentations and take part in the concert crowning the work of the section.

THEATRE – The addressees of this section are young, independent theatres, developing their skills as opposed to the institutional theatre, willing to learn unconventional methods of the world theatre and aimed at shaping the identity of the artistic group they constitute. All the theatres participating in the festival will present their original performances. Moreover, there are plans to conduct a series of workshops (acting practice) and carry out short performances presented in the city space.

DANCERS – Daily classes for the selected group of dancers, aiming at the development of individual style and preparations of the project closing the section. The cycle is addressed to the dancers, who cannot improve their talent in the official education system.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The cycle is addressed to the photographers seeking the inspiration and possibility of development of their skills, which will be a supplement of the official photographical schools program. The classes will be concluded by a preview and exhibition of the photos taken during the festival.

FILM – Participants of the section will be offered the possibility to confront and exchange their experiences through presentation of their own, previously created productions. They will also work on new projects to be later shown to the public still during the festival.

FINE ARTS – The addressees of this section are young artists, representative such fields as: intermedia, video and electronic art, installation, performance art.  Moreover, there are plans to conduct the workshop addressed to the artists interested in the implementation of the stage design projects for major artistic events. The aim of the section is to supplement education and provide a basis for practical implementation of young artists’ projects.

PRODUCTION – The aim of the project is to professionally prepare people, who intend to improve their skills in producing artistic presentations: artistic management and producer’s activity. During the theoretical classes, the main aspects of organizing mass events and cultural events will be discussed. Moreover, every participant will be assigned to take care of a selected artistic project, including: concerts, film screenings, happenings and drama performances, as well as gaining practical skills in carrying out artistic events: making rehearsals, organizing a technical backstage and coordinating all the aspects of individual presentations.

CULTURAL ANIMATION – FAMA is not only artistic performance, but also a space of the city and its dwellers. It is not only the promenade and the students, but the local housing estates as well: adults and school youths. It is time to ajar the door of their houses and listen what they have to tell us. The aim of the project is to reach indirectly the city dweller with the artistic offer, to integrate and motivate the dwellers in making them interested in culture and actively participate in the artistic events.


If You wish to participate in the FAMA Festival, please read The Festival’s Regulations at first. Next send Your application plus the necessary attachments directly to the organization office, by e-mail: 15.05.2016 is the deadline for all applications!


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