46. FAMA GAZ-SYSTEM TERMINAL SZTUKI | Świnoujście, 15-27 VIII 2016 |

Świnoujście, 15-27 VIII 2016











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© Fama Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, fot. Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko


Two weeks ago we closed submissions for the 46th Fama. Thank you for all your emails. We are very happy to have received submissions so varied and of such high quality.

A bit of statistics. Altogether we have received submissions from 370 entities of different fields, giving a total of about 780 people. The majority of projects (precisely 100!) have been submitted to the music section (bands of all genres, and soloists). Furthermore, over 50 people have sent submission forms for vocal workshops. Other sections that have sparked a lot of interest are visual arts (“The open body” exhibition – 60 projects, other fields – 50 submissions), the performative section (theatre, performance, comedy, improv – almost 40 projects), the literary and journalistic sections (40 submissions altogether).

Now the time has come to listen, watch, and read. We ask you for your patience. Anyone we invite to Fama will be contacted individually – via email or phone, and the attendants’ list will be closed and published on our website no later than June 30th 2016.

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko

© Fama - Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, fot. Piotr Morytko


Starting with classical music, through jazz and traditional music, all the way to improvisation. Fama’s music section knows no boundaries. We are waiting for your submissions until May 15th.

“We Are From Here,” „Pełna powaga,” and the premiere of the original version of “Wellington’s Victory” by Beethoven are just some of the concerts that we have presented during previous editions of Fama as part of the LABORATORY OF MUSIC project.

The series aims to confront musical styles and to present their mutual inspirations. We await submissions from bands and solo artists performing classical music, jazz, traditional music, electronica, electroacoustic music, experimental music, and improvisational music.

Everyone interested in presenting their original project / concert / repertoire / group at Fama – please familiarise yourselves with the terms and conditions, and submit the application form along with the required attachments: APPLY.

The section will also feature premieres of SPECIAL PROJECTS. They will include: a choir concert prepared by Candelaria Saenz Valiente and Marek Masecki, and a concert by Kapela Maliszów with string ensemble under Adam Klocek – cellist, conductor, Grammy Award winner. More information on these projects soon.

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Piotr Morytko

© Fama Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, fot. Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko


FAMA is a festival for all kinds of art, and its final form is always shaped by your initiative – your submissions. Take a look at what you can do in Świnoujście in the field of visual arts.

Currently we are accepting submissions for “The open body – human body, urban body, state body” theme project. You can find a more detailed description of the project HERE. But that is, of course, not all.

The program of Fama would not be complete without the PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS. For a few years now their participants have been working under the guidance of Tomek Sikora, carrying out one-of-a-kind, crazy projects appreciated both by the festival’s audiences and by the jury. Should there be enough submissions, the section’s participants will be divided into two groups: CREATION PHOTOGRAPHY and REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY.

We also want to present your films in Świnoujście. We invite authors of feature films, documentaries, animation, and experimental films to send their submissions for the FILM SECTION. The festival can also become a wonderful opportunity to create something new. If you are interested in creating your own film during Fama, present your idea in the submission form.

The STAGE DESIGN SECTION, on the other hand, is addressed to those interested in creating stage design for large artistic events. Its goal is to add to the educational offer and to create a base for carrying out one’s own projects. Its participants will prepare set design for Fama’s most important projects and the Closing Concert (Amphitheatre).

Submit your entry to compete for the Jan Sawka Award for visual arts, and more.

Find out more about what we have to offer in the SECTIONS tab. Read the terms and conditions of the festival and fill in the submission form: APPLY. Together with your submission, send a presentation of your work: portfolio / projects / photo / video / links. Your deadline is May 15th 2016!

© Fama - Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, projekt - Andrzej Pawełczyk


Submissions for the visual arts section are open until May 15th. This year’s theme: „The open body – human body, urban body, state body.”

„The dominant feature of modern times is the permanent state of crossing over: transgression as the imperative that assumes the openness of borders and limitations of ‘the body’ or the ability of overcoming them, regardless of the consequences. (…) Subject to social experiments, the oppression of transfiguration and bio-manipulation, and to crossing the boundaries of physiology, ‘the open body’ can mark the onset of mankind’s end as well as the end of culture and the existing social order. (…) Regardless of its description, “openness” has become a critical value of modern western civilisation and is undergoing rapid reassessment.” | Andrzej Pawełczyk, curator

The project encompasses the wide scope of visual arts. It is open to performative activities, beyond-gallery interventions, installations and objects that may function within urban space, as well as to traditional forms: painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography. Due to the project also applying to the “urban body,” one can also utilise formal means used in art that interacts with an urban organism, outside of gallery space in the form of a sign, monument, installation, slogan, or advertisement.

The project is targeted at students and graduates of art schools and departments, performers, and other artists interested in curatorial activity.

You can find the festival rules and the application form HERE. When sending your application, please attach a suggestion of the artwork to be presented at the exhibition (a project, a photo, a reproduction). The list of works qualified for the exhibition will be made public on the 30th of June 2016.

© Fama - Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, fot. Andrzej Ryfczyński


FAMA is a festival for all kinds of art. This year is the 46th edition of the event which hosts in Świnoujście the most talented young artists from within and outside of Poland.

Fama is not a festival of sad and depressing songs. Fama is dangerous. Long before every other event was termed “a festival” – there had been only Fama on the cultural map of Poland.

We are getting ready for the next Fama – an interdisciplinary festival that brings together artists from all fields of artistic expression. We are waiting for the brilliant, ambitious, willing to participate in a professional artistic movement, for people who take their artistic careers seriously, who are interested in developing their skills, confronting and cooperating with other artists. During Fama we do not play theatre nor garage music. During Fama we set the standards high to one another.

The current schedule of this years’ projects and workshops is available under the SECTIONS tab.

Fama is a showcase of young artists, it is working on premiere projects, it is various workshops, and rewards for the best participants of the festival. Fama means two summer weeks, the sea and the beach, everyday rehearsals and over 100 art shows. Fama is students’ underground taking over Swinoujscie.

To participate in the festival, send your application with the attachments required. 15.05.2016 is the deadline for all applications! Details can be found under the APPLY tab.

© Fama – Międzynarodowy Kampus Artystyczny, The International Artistic Campus, photo: Andrzej Ryfczyński